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Here in Houston, TX, hot weather is a fact of life. With high temperatures routinely climbing above 90 degrees in the summer, having a working air conditioner is necessary not only for comfort, but also for health. So if your air conditioner is broken, whom should you call?

That answer is easy: call Environmental Air Systems Inc. We are the masters of air conditioning repair in Houston, TX. Whether the system just needs a quick fix or it’s time for major repairs, you can count on us to complete the job!


You’re not getting cool air.

This is the simplest and most basic sign, but also the most telling. If you’re not getting cool air out of the vents, it’s time to give us a call.

You hear strange sounds.

It’s not normal to hear grinding, squealing, or grating sounds coming from your unit. They are a sign that something has gone wrong and should be fixed quickly before the problem gets worse (i.e., more expensive to fix).
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You smell a pungent, foul, or musty odor from your vents.

All of these smells are indications that something has gone wrong with your air conditioner. A musty smell generally indicates mold in the ductwork or the unit, while foul and pungent smells could mean that the wire insulation has burned out.

You’re not getting good airflow.

Air from your air conditioner should flow cleanly and evenly through the home. If you’re not getting much airflow, it could be a sign that your compressor is breaking down. If airflow is stronger in some areas than in others, that could indicate problems with your ductwork.

You notice leaks around your unit.

There is no good reason for leaks around your air conditioner. In the worst case scenario, your air conditioner could be leaking refrigerant. A better case scenario is that the drain tube (which disposes of the water produced by condensation) is broken or blocked. Either way, you should invest in air conditioning repair before things get worse.

Call today!

The next time you need air conditioning repair, call on the experts Houston, TX has come to know and trust: Environmental Air Systems Inc. We would be happy to get to work on your system so that you can enjoy a comfortable home. Call us when you need us most!
Call (713) 999-4193 now for the best commercial AC service in Houston!

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